About us


ITF was established at the end of the 80s, based on the business experience gained previously in the traditional wood block sector working mainly as a sub-contractor. Right from the start, the company’s aim has been to become successful in the domestic and international markets in a direct manner, exploiting the know-how acquired in the past, manufacturing quality tables and chairs. Quality is intended as a total and constant search for the best materials, top creativity and high levels of safety. This is a company that is mindful of the worlds of design and art and of the ever-changing lifestyles and ways of dwelling, so as to provide contemporary solutions that can respond to the latest demands.


The year 2000 marks a major success at ITF: the ITF 100% Design collection came into being. The company intensifies its commitment in the fields of research, quality, technical innovation and experimenting with new shapes and materials. The product development department aims at materializing customer desires through emotion-driven designs. Color becomes the key element around which every creative idea revolves. Color is viewed as an emotion that changes the perception of space, the atmosphere and one’s mood. Color is viewed as a form of energy that distinguishes the surrounding space by conveying specific energetic properties.


Design is intended as the development of a line of thought, of a searching and experiencing process. Today the company is a successful enterprise operating on the international market both in the contract and residential sectors, offering solutions that are perfect for all kinds of settings: home, office, study or work areas, indoor or outdoor areas. ITF 100% Design: the excitement of changing objects into intense emotions.

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