The sustainable lightness of Design


With the "back to school", the term which defines the period of return to routine after the holidays, even the desire to cool the House, renewing some corners for whole new experience of living, in line with economic needs, especially today, we cannot overlook. We discover some home design trends for the new season.

Personalization and QUALITY-the first trend that we can grasp is the personalization of the search open home, experienced increasingly as a place where fully express their personality and live informally. In the new season does not settle for libraries, furniture and fixtures for the living room or other areas of the home available in millions of identical parts, but you will the piece of qualitycustomizable as possible and that will last over time.

Attention to details that speak to us and pricesare these trends of the new season lies ahead, but how to implement them in our daily lives and without changing all the furniture?

There are many Online Tips to exploit the resources we already have, such as a library in minimal design exalts without oppressing the recalls to personal history, like the memories of travel experiences that we brought withus from the last vacation. Every day we will have the opportunity to live in an environment rich in stimuli through unique pieces found in our travels, recovered from the righteous furnishings, discrete furniturestylish and quality, an indispensable factor especially in the current economic crisis.

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